Komen Fund for Breast Health Care is a vital safety-net program that works in collaboration with local community clinics to cover the cost of diagnostic breast health services for the uninsured and underinsured individuals who are not eligible for other state or federal programs.

This program helps remove financial obstacles by helping individuals obtain the following diagnostic procedures through community clinics and/or community health centers:

  •  Diagnostic mammograms
  •  Breast ultrasound
  •  Fine needle aspirations (FNA’s)
  •  Stereotactic or core biopsies2017
  •  Excisional biopsies
  •  Pathology, cytology
  • Patient’s share of cost up to the allowable cost of the procedure
  •  Other diagnostic procedures to obtain a definitive diagnosis of benign or breast cancer

Affiliate’s grant programs do not provide any grant funds directly to individuals, for information on how to navigate an individual for diagnostic breast health services through this program, please click here or contact the Affiliate office at (714) 957-9157.

NEW in 2018! The Komen Fund for Breast Health Care and Community Grants application will be merged into one granting process! Clinics wanting to apply for Komen Fund for Breast Health Care can now do so in the 2018 Community Grants Application. For more information on the 2018 Community Grants Application please click here.

For information about Komen’s Research and Scientific Grant Programs, click here.