Are you a breast cancer survivor? Is your biggest fear that your breast cancer will come back?

Are you willing to donate a blood sample to a research study to overcome your biggest fear?

What:   Blood drive for breast cancer survivors with the goal of developing strategies to predict breast cancer recurrence.

When:  Saturday, November 16, 2019, 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.

Where: Harlyne J. Norris Cancer Research Tower (NRT), Keck School of Medicine, 1450 Biggy St. Los Angeles

Eligibility: Breast Cancer Survivor of 7 years or less, no history of other cancer, not on active therapy (excludes hormone therapy and stage 4 breast cancer), older than 18 years of age, not pregnant.

At the end of therapy, there is no way to determine whether all the cancer has been completely eradicated from the body or whether it will become metastatic and spread to other parts of the body. That means there is no test to determine whether a patient has been cured of her breast cancer and whether or not it will return.

Susan G. Komen, Orange County is supporting breast cancer researcher, Bodour Salhia, Ph.D. Assistant Professor in the Department of Translational Genomics, USC Keck School of Medicine, find breast cancer survivors willing to donate a blood sample to be used in her research project to develop a blood test to predict who is at high risk of developing metastatic breast cancer.

In addition, this project is also as much about patient/research relationship augmentation and transparency as it is about the science project. This effort, The Bench with Bedside Initiative™ which means the scientist at the laboratory Bench will work with the patient at the Bedside on the research study aiming to validate a circulating biomarker of metastatic recurrence for breast cancer in early stage patients. We aim to collect about 500 blood samples from breast cancer survivors for validating the biomarker. The Bench with Bedside Initiative™ brings a whole new approach of engaging the patient in research allowing them controlled and secured yet transparent access to their own results and that of the research. We want the patients to really know what’s going on. The hope is that The Bench with Bedside Initiative™ will serve as a new model for conducting laboratory research where patients who have so graciously donated their samples can and should know what the outcomes of the study are.