Many people prematurely relinquish their financial and estate responsibility to others. This could be the spouse, children, neighbor, broker or the advisor. We believe the longer you stay in control of your money and estate, either through a fee only advisor (owes a fiduciary duty to you) or through your personal efforts, the longer and happier you will live!


**Multiple dates/times to choose from!**

Komen Orange County is pleased to support FREE Estate Planning workshops this fall in a virtual ZOOM format to protect the health and safety of our community.

This workshop series is designed to educate attendees on how to understand and make informed choices in the areas of estate planning, living trusts, charitable remainder trusts, health care directives, IRAs and retirement distributions. Workshop presenters volunteer their time and are from our local communities.

The 8-weeks of workshops are 1 ½ hour sessions covering estate planning subjects including, Estate Planning Basics, Living Trust, Charitable Income and Tax Planning, Retirement Account Planning, and Role of the Trustee and Executor. The 12-hours of education are specifically designed to provide all attendees the knowledge and information to be more in control of their financial, estate, and charitable giving decisions.

Attendees are welcome to attend all sessions or simply those they feel best meet their needs. No financial products are sold and no participant is solicited for a donation.

To attend please call (949) 463-1507, or e-mail your reservation to There are no fees, and no charity will solicit you for a donation, and none of the presenters will receive your contact information. Learn more at

**This event is hosted by a third party partner**