Komen Orange County 2020 Year End

Your local gift can save a life in Orange County.

I have always known that breast cancer could come for me one day…

My Mom’s two occurrences of the disease led my doctor to start me on the path of early detection at age 35 with a cycle of annual mammograms and MRIs. At 39, I married the love of my life. Five weeks after our honeymoon, a routine MRI and diagnostic biopsy revealed Stage 1A breast cancer.

Even though the cancer was caught early, I chose an aggressive treatment – double mastectomy, reconstruction, and a five-year oral medication regimen.

I did recover – body and soul – thanks to my rock of a husband, and a stellar support system of family and friends who kept me sane, fed, rested,
and on-time for treatments. Still, this was not to last.

Earlier this year I learned that vigilance makes all the difference. I found a new lump. After a suspicious ultrasound, a biopsy confirmed my worst fears: a recurrence of breast cancer. I cried hearing my Mom say, “I would gladly fight breast cancer again if it would just leave my kids alone.”
A slew of diagnostic scans showed the cancer was found early again – my best chance to survive.

Unfortunately, my story of disease recurrence is not unique because…

Every day in Orange County, FIVE women are diagnosed with breast cancer,
and ONE woman dies from the disease.

Early diagnosis has saved my life twice – but many women (and men!) in Orange County need our help to get quality breast health resources, learn the value of early detection, and navigate their way through treatment. YOU can help with a generous gift to Komen Orange County!

Did you know Komen OC negotiates and funds low-cost diagnostic tests so
a woman in need can find out if she has breast cancer?

Your donation will fund Komen Orange County’s education programs, breast health services, mobile mammography, diagnostic tests,
health symposium panels & metastatic conferences, and resource connections – all vital tools for local residents who need access to care.

And there is so much more for all of us to do…

Today, I am determined to follow my mother’s example – helping moms, wives, sisters, aunts, granddaughters and friends on their breast cancer journey.
That’s why I am an avid Komen Orange County volunteer and supporter.

We need YOU. Women like me need YOU.
Because breast cancer is unacceptable.

Join me in making a gift today to Susan G. Komen Orange County to support local women on their breast cancer journey.
You can give them a fighting chance to survive the disease.

Yours in the fight,

Angelique Fong | Breast Cancer Warrior, Komen OC Volunteer, and Advocate | Mission Viejo, CA

Thank you for being there and stepping in when you are needed.
Your local gift will empower others and impact someone who needs us now.


Learn more about Komen Orange County by viewing our certified profile (information on local programs, financials, governance etc) via Orange County Nonprofit Central.


You can support Susan G. Komen Orange County with a tax-smart donation this year, a gift of appreciated stocks, bonds or other marketable securities that you have held for more than one year may be just the right gift for you. Please consider leaving a legacy of hope for local breast cancer community programs and research by naming a gift in your will or living trust for Komen Orange County. Contact us to learn more.

The Orange County Affiliate of Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation d/b/a Susan G. Komen Orange County is a California nonprofit corporation and exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Please check with your personal tax advisor regarding the deductibility of your gift. We are a public charity, Tax ID# 33-0487943.

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