Here’s to the Women Who Shaped Us

Here’s to the Women Who Shaped Us

A Letter to My Mother

By Megan Klink, CEO, Susan G. Komen Orange County

 Dear Mom,

One of the greatest gifts you have given me is the philosophy to live a life that is worth living – a life that is marked by courage, persistence, curiosity, gratitude, adventure, love and joy. You gave this gift through the example of your own life and have embraced this philosophy so thoroughly that I have often found myself thinking about your life. Your life before you were a mom. I look at this photo of you, on an adventure in Peru in the early 1970s and think, the woman in this photo has no idea that life will bring her two children and two grandchildren, trips around the globe, a successful business and then a rewarding, second career. The woman in this photo has no idea that life will also bring her a breast cancer diagnosis.

Shortly after I joined Komen OC, you told me the news: You have breast cancer. Your announcement filled me with sheer terror. All I could think was, “nothing can happen to my mom, I won’t survive it.”

Today I am filled with more gratitude than I can express, because you survived. You are one of the lucky ones and of course, so am I.

Thank you, mom, for teaching me to always live a life worth living and never take a moment of it for granted. Happy Mothers’ Day.

All My Love,


Here’s to the Women Who Shaped Us

When you think about the impact our mothers and other influential women have on our lives, “officially” honoring them for one day doesn’t seem like enough. Let’s think of May as “Mothers’ Month.” We can use all 31 days to celebrate the moms, stepmoms and grandmothers; those filling “mom” roles, or the friends who watch over us like moms—may your list be long.

For the unfailing support, friendship and guidance these women supply, and all the things that can’t always be defined, we can all say, “THANK YOU.” And while the way we celebrate this year may look a little different, we’ll find new ways to connect and celebrate the women around us. Our actions don’t have to be grandiose; in fact, they should be simple, genuine and most of all frequent: Urge the women around you to take care of themselves by ensuring they have the support they need to stay healthy. Whether staying in touch with support groups, friends and health care providers via phone or computer, seeking creative and healthy activities to safely fortify body and mind, or taking daily walks, every bit of self-care can add up to a greater picture of health.

Together, through technology that connects us during a time when connections matter most, we can empower all women in all communities with access to high-quality care and treatment assistance. We are committed to leveraging high tech tools to improve patient navigation, and to keep advocating for strong public policy and the funding of innovative research. At Susan G. Komen, it’s just what we do. It’s what we will always do.

Wishing you all a safe and enjoyable Mothers’ Day.

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