Sharing your personal story can provide solace to yourself and offer hope for others. Mother’s Day 2020 is just around the corner as well as National Women’s Health Week! Take the time to honor someone special in your life by submitting her story for a chance to be featured on Komen OC’s website and social media during the month of May.

Plus, know an inspirational Komen OC volunteer? Share a shout out about them here for a chance to be featured on Komen OC social media in April!

Plus, match your passion with a gift!

Need help on what to say? Consider these conversation starters.

  • Why is this person special/inspirational to you?
  • How has breast cancer made an impact on their life? On your relationship?
  • What support have they/you found especially helpful?
  • What gives them (and/or you) strength?
  • What is one wish you have for this person? How can others help?

Tell Us About Her:

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