African-American Health Equity Initiative: From Education to Impact

The Susan G. Komen Circle of Promise CA statewide initiative was created to address the breast healthcare disparities among African American women and empower African American women to be proactive about their breast health.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in this community.  African American women’s mortality rates are 41 percent higher than their caucasian counterparts. The same research indicates that African American women are often diagnosed at later stages, sometimes with more aggressive forms of cancer and at younger ages. This alarming trend is the result of compounding social, cultural, financial and geographic barriers.

The Initiative Provides: Community Organization/ Direct Education/ Screening and Navigation Services



  • February 14: Focus Group Opportunity with JSI (Santa Ana)
  • March 19 : Circle of Promise Meeting at Komen OC (Irvine)
  • May 21 : Circle of Promise Meeting at Komen OC (Irvine)
  • June 19: JUNETEENTH Celebration at the Anaheim Packing House (Save the Date!)
  • July 16 : Circle of Promise Meeting at Komen OC (Irvine)
  • September 17 : Circle of Promise Meeting at Komen OC (Irvine)
  • November 19 : Circle of Promise Meeting at Komen OC (Irvine)

If you or your organization would like to plan a Breast Health Awareness event, please contact LarLeslie McDaniel.


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Join the Circle of Promise

Make the Pledge TODAY!  If you will help us spread the word and be proactive about your breast health and raising awareness about breast cancer in the community, please CLICK HERE and simply say, “I AM TAKING THE PLEDGE.” Promise to engage at least 10 women in your circle.  Make an impact. Early Detection SAVES LIVES!

Community Outreach

  • If you or someone you know in Orange County is uninsured or underinsured and in need of mammography screening and other resources, OR
  • If you require additional information about the Circle of Promise, community outreach participation, and events, please contact:



LarLeslie McDaniel
Community Resource Advocate
Susan G. Komen® Orange County
(714) 957-9163