Victory for Women’s Breast Health!

Thanks to all of our supporters, we have a huge VICTORY for women’s breast health!  Susan G. Komen California Affiliates’ sponsored Assembly Bill 1795 and it was just signed by the Governor and will become law on January 1, 2017. Additionally, we supported Assembly Bill 1823, which also recently passed.

will allow any symptomatic woman, regardless of age, to receive screening AND allows a woman with a recurrence of the same breast cancer to receive treatment! The bill will help to ensure that women have timely access to receive the necessary services to detect and treat their cancers early by:

  • expanding eligibility for breast cancer screening under the Every Woman Counts (EWC) program to symptomatic women, regardless of age; and
  • allowing an individual who is diagnosed with a recurrence of breast cancer or cervical cancer, whether at the original cancer site or a different cancer site, and meets all other applicable eligibility requirements, to be eligible for an additional period of treatment coverage of 18 or 24 months under the Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment Program.

Assembly Bill 1823 also passed last week, provides for the establishment of the California Cancer Clinical Trials Program. This bill will establish a program to increase access to cancer clinical trials with a focus on reducing barriers to trial participation, especially for women and underrepresented communities.

Both bills will work toward changing the outcomes for thousands of women in the State of California. Congratulations to the California Komen Affiliates who worked relentlessly on getting these passed
On behalf of Susan G. Komen® Orange County we want to thank you for your continuous support helping save lives and promoting health equity for all women in our community!

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