What to Expect at Your Next Visit to City of Hope at Newport Beach

What to Expect at Your Next Visit to City of Hope at Newport Beach

As the covid-19 pandemic evolves, learn how physicians and staff are keeping patients safe while providing world-class cancer care.

With decades of experience in treating and protecting patients with cancer, City of Hope is among the nation’s most prepared organizations to help patients through the COVID-19 crisis – and is one of the best and safest places to receive cancer care. City of Hope Newport Beach continues to provide lifesaving treatment while taking every measure necessary to protect patients, families, and staff.

“Patient health is our number one priority and our COVID-19 protective measures are an extension of the high-quality care we provide,” says Tingting Tan, M.D., Ph.D., a medical oncologist at City of Hope Orange County at Newport Beach who specializes in thoracic cancers. “We remain focused on protecting our patients and their loved ones while making sure they get the care they need.”

Since cancer patients are particularly vulnerable to infection, protecting them means that safety measures need to start before they arrive at the front door. With limited exceptions, visitors need to wait for patients outside the building during this crucial period. Visitors are welcome to walk with patients, or bring wheelchairs, to the door, where staff greets them and begins the check-in process.

City of Hope recognizes the importance of involving family in your visits and treatments during this time. There are several ways visitors can participate in appointments. Patients can conference them in on a video call or a phone call while they’re in the doctor’s office, or the doctor can come outside the building before or after the appointment to speak with the patient and visitor together.

If you’re a patient, here are some other ways you’ll be protected when you come in for an appointment:

  • As you enter the lobby, the first thing that will happen is a temperature check. It’s quick and easy. A staff member will hold an infrared thermometer to your forehead to make sure your temperature is under 100 degrees Fahrenheit. You’ll receive a colored wristband that lets everyone that you’ve been cleared for temperature.
  • You won’t be surprised to learn that you will also be given a mask. Masks are one of the best ways to shield each other from respiratory droplets, so every patient receives a medical grade mask to wear for the duration of their appointment; you can be certain that our staff also will be wearing masks at all times. If you brought your own mask, you may continue to wear it underneath the mask we provide.
  • Next stop: the reception desk, for the normal check-in process. You’ll find the waiting area inviting and safe, with signs posted asking that social distancing be maintained, and seating that has been appropriately spaced.
  • If you have a physician appointment, you’ll wait on the first floor for a medical assistant to take you back for your visit. If you have come for an infusion, an additional temperature check will be performed when you arrive at the second floor infusion clinic.
  • Everyone in the clinic wears a face mask and either a face shield or goggles, and gloves are worn by every clinician providing infusion care. In addition, every infusion bay is physically distanced.

To further ensure safety, City of Hope frequently and meticulously sanitizes all areas of the facility, including but not limited to waiting rooms, hard surfaces, and high-traffic and high-touch areas. Hand sanitizing stations are located throughout the building.

Patients can take comfort in City of Hope’s continued commitment to provide them with exceptional cancer care.


City of Hope is a safe place for world-class cancer care.

To make an appointment with a physician at City of Hope Orange County at Newport Beach, please call (949) 763-2204. For more information, please visit CityofHope.org/OC.